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TIRTA GEMILANG - Professional supplier of water treatment equipment and parts

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TIRTA GEMILANG - Professional supplier of water treatment equipment and parts
TIRTA GEMILANG - Professional supplier of water treatment equipment and parts

3T/ H RO Water treatment equipment

1, Standard designs according your application, requirement and budget
2, StainlGood quality and stable output water

RO Pure Water Facility

RO Puere Equipment technology is the most advanced and energy-saving effectively membrane separation techbology . Its principle is under the action of osmotic pressure than solution , according to other material not through a semipermeable membrane and will these substances and moisture leave . Due to the reverse osmosis membrane aperture is very small ( only for 10 or so ) , therefore can effectively remove dissolved in water , salt , colloid , microbial organisms ( removal reaches as high as 97% --98percent ) . Reverse osmosis is now highly purified water the most widely used in the preparation of a desalination technology , it is the separation of molecular ions frome hundreds of organic matter and , reverse osmosis ( RO ) , Ultra-filtration ( UF ) , microporous membrane filtration ( MF ) and electrodialysis ( EDI ) technology belong to the membrane separation technique . In the process of production , increase water without the second investment .Reverse osmosis currentiy , the higher the selective reverse osmosis membrane element demin- eralizing rate can be as high as 99.7% .

Features of RO pure water system

1) No chemical regeneration

2) No hazardous waste discharge

be good for protecting environmental

3) Continuous operation , simple operation

4) Easy installation , maintenance and maintenance

Scope of application of the equipment

1) Medical and pharmaceutical , drinking pure water

2) Wastewater treatment , material recovery and enrichment

3) Sea water desalination

4) Circuit , electron , optics , chmical , petroleum , surface treatment and

other industries with pure water

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